Whats the point of a robustness check? Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

We’re working to help them resist hacks, rooting out weaknesses, anticipating new strategies, and designing robust models that perform as well in the wild as they do in a sandbox. A hardware peripheral, hardware device, or software ability to withstand different situations without failing or crashing. The robustness of a product is usually determined with rigorous testing by the company manufacturing or developing the product. A pretty direct analogy is to the case of having a singular Fisher information matrix at the ML estimate. Breaks pretty much the same regularity conditions for the usual asymptotic inferences as having a singular jacobian derivative does for the theory of asymptotic stability based on a linearised model. Unfortunately as soon as you have non-identifiability, hierarchical models etc these cases can become the norm.

what is robustness

Let’s say that we are interested in the effect of your parents’ income on your own income, so we regress your own income on your parents’ income when you were 18, and some controls. Do you remember the list of assumptions you had to learn every time your class went into a new method, like the Gauss-Markov assumptions for ordinary least squares? That’s because every empirical analysis that you could ever possibly run depends on assumptions in order to make sense of its results. It’s impossible to avoid assumptions, even if those assumptions are pretty obviously true.

Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

PrimeShield can rapidly identify and drive optimization of bottlenecks at the stage, path and design level that are sensitive to variations such as supply voltage drops or manufacturing variability. The patented fast statistical methods and breakthrough machine learning technology are used to firmly establish design robustness analysis as a method to minimize failure and maximize power, performance, and area . PrimeShield delivers 100X-10,000X faster design robustness analysis and optimization than existing solutions. It is scalable to volume production system- on-chips with billions of transistors, while using industry standard inputs for immediate deployment.

  • Unsupervised domain adaptation is an approach to generalization in machine learning where knowledge is transferred from a labeled source domain to an unlabeled target domain with a different data distribution.
  • But then robustness applies to all other dimensions of empirical work.
  • The “robustness of coherence” of the input probe quantifies the quantum advantage.
  • This is meant to look like something that’s been around for a little longer and has a lot of durability and robustness to it.
  • These “contaminated” samples hinder identification of the true best arm — the one with the best outcome or highest mean reward.
  • Blindly adding code introduces more errors, makes the system more complex, and renders it harder to understand.
  • The user only cares whether or not the software system works as intended.

We perform robustness testing to find out what the other tests are missing. Our objective is to create test environments that can assess a software system’s robustness. It’s important to track software test metrics to measure the effectiveness of your testing. If you are an investor you will have used many financial models.

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Or, even if you do the right test, you probably won’t write about the findings properly in your paper. For years, AI models struggled to reach accuracy levels suitable for real-world applications. Now that they’ve reached that threshold for certain tasks, it is crucial to recognize that accuracy isn’t the only benchmark that matters. In the real world, fairness, interpretability, and robustness are critical, and many tools are available to inspect these dimensions of AI models.

what is robustness

A more general example of this parameter would be to imagine a footballer practising spot kicks using certain technique under given conditions. Now the same footballer is asked to take the kicks using a different sized ball, smaller target, higher atmospheric temperature or different boots. If the results are similar , the technique could be termed as robust. For organizations that must meet IEEE standards, robustness testing is mandatory, but it can be excessive for non-safety-critical applications so it may not be justified for some organizations.

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Another social mechanism is bringing the wisdom of “gray hairs” to bear on an issue. It can be useful to have someone with deep knowledge of the field share their wisdom about what is real and what is bogus in a given field. Unfortunately, a field’s “gray hairs” often have the strongest incentives to render bogus judgments because they are so invested in maintaining the structure they built.

Sensitivity analysis was undertaken to assess the robustness of the model estimates to changes in key variables. Sliding modes are used to determine best values for parameters in neural network learning rules, thereby robustness in learning control can be improved. Currently, computer science practices do not focus on building robust systems.

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Today, modern simulation software allows companies to also address stamping robustness issues during the earlier phases of product and tooling design. In other words, companies can now develop the best product designs and the best tool designs for a robust stamping process. Synopsys’s PrimeShield™ solution provides design robustness analysis and optimization at advanced nodes and enables designers to effectively improve design robustness what is robustness in face of escalating process and voltage variability. It enables designers to reduce design power and boost frequency by minimizing over-pessimism, over-margin and over-design while ensuring design safety. To find out more about robustness, see our definitions of resilience, technical analysis and financial models. You can test the robustness of a financial or economic model by dramatically changing the inputs of the model.

what is robustness

Conclusions that are not robust with respect to input parameters should generally be regarded as useless. Ignoring it would be like ignoring stability in classical mechanics. The unstable and stable equilibria of a classical circular pendulum are qualitatively different in a fundamental way.


One of the main reasons why there is no focus on robustness today is because it is hard to do in a general way. Another commonly unforeseen circumstance is when war erupts between major countries. Many financial variables can be impacted due to war, which causes models that are not robust to function erratically. A robust https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ model will continue to provide executives and managers with effective decision-making tools, and investors with accurate information on which to base their investment decisions. No matter the industry or the application, robustness testing helps organizations achieve and automate compliance and deliver quality software.

Funnily enough both have more advanced theories of stability for these cases based on algebraic topology and singularity theory. When the more complicated model fails to achieve the needed results, it forms an independent test of the unobservable conditions for that model to be more accurate. But, there are other, less formal, social mechanisms that might be useful in addressing the problem. Discussion of robustness is one way that dispersed wisdom is brought to bear on a paper’s analysis. I like the analogy between the data generation process and the model generation process (where ‘the model’ also includes choices about editing data before analysis).

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Automation reduces labor and runtime which testing methodology is used for robust testing. Quality assurance engineers will take the fall for a system failure, or worse if that failure causes an injury. Developers should build and test for robustness along with the other tests they perform during the validation process such as benchmark testing. Testing for robustness in software is a way of improving quality assurance. Read to understand what types of testing methodologies can enhance the robustness of software systems. Addressing stamping robustness is important as potential stamping problems can be solved earlier in the vehicle development cycle saving more time and resources.

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